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Lenses for philosophers (julesh.com)
69 points by jxub on Aug 17, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

i didnt realize leses had so much history and theory behind them!

I saw this article yesterday. I was similarly surprised about the history. I was a bit less surprised about the theory, as I did already know about the costate comonad interpretation, and once you get to that level of abstraction an idea tends to show up in multiple contexts. I was surprised by the breadth of the known instances of the idea, though.

Same here. I always thought of lenses as another "kind" of monad but didn't realise they could be distinct foundational blocks. Dang!

Would have been nice to have a link to a simple summary of what lenses are for those of us who don't already know.

First paragraph is a link to a link to a tutorial.

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