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This calls for another startup -- the funeral startup.

Weddings and funerals are businesses with huge markups. There is a lot of emotional attachment involved in both, and people will be willing to shell out enormous amounts of money on such events.

Oh my goodness, I totally agree.

Did you know they sell decorative boxes to be cremated in? Nevermind you're never going to see the box, nor will the deceased care which box they're in, all it's going to do is _burn_ but the funeral people are all, "what, you'd burn your father in a cardboard box? How horrible."

Put me in a cardboard box, bury me and plant a tree above me.

I tell my wife all of the time, "if I die first, get the cheapest funeral possible. A cardboard box is fine. If you spend too much I will come back and haunt you."

And of course baby showers and the like as well.

The ladies play bingo at baby showers. I was similarly ignorant about checks stats ten thousand dollars ago.

What is "checks stats"?

he checked his stats to see how much he (presumably) made selling babyshower bingo cards.

Fantastic way to gain insights into the everyday lives of people :-)

There's one in the current YC crop, isn't there?

Somebody posted a write-up not to long ago. 1000memories, I believe.


I was actually responding to @rdtsc's comment above: "This calls for another startup -- the funeral startup."

Sorry, didn't read carefully enough.

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