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This is pretty cool. I've been looking for an example code base for creating a simple GUI tool.

This seems a bit too specific to lists though. Would it be possible to write module for manipulating tree data, e.g. something like a filesystem? (drag and drop files to move them between folders)

Do windows users need to have Python installed or does the installer come with Python build-in?

Also, what does the installation story become if the modules require python libraries that are not in stdlib?

Hey, Pext dev here :)

It is indeed very specific to lists now, but theoretically more things could be added. The standard deal though: full-time job and no other contributors.

Windows users don't need to have Python installed. Python (with pip) ships with the installers, so you can also use any module in pip by specifying it in requirements.txt file, with standard pip syntax. Check the pass module for example to see how that goes.

Hey, OP here, I am the one who submitted the readme patch yesterday. May I ask a "non of my business question"? I realized that you created this account just for this reply, but I wounder how do you reach this post? Did it popup in somekind of rss filter or something.

assuming that you are not a regular HN reader

Oh, hey, well, now I know who posted this :)

I have Google Alerts set up for the word Pext, "just in case something interesting pops up". There's nothing more awesome than seeing people talk about your code, so when that happens, I don't want to miss it.

I check Hacker News about once a week in general I'd estimate, so I wouldn't really consider myself a regular no :)

Hmmmm, interesting that google picked up the post before it even reached ~10 votes.

Leo is far from simple but it's in Python, easily scriptable, and built around trees.

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