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I've been using it for some time now, and the biggest plus for me, besides the very simple to understand API and the manual redraw feature, is the ease one can find setting it up for a project.

Even with webpack or some other complex bundle, someone without any formation can really quickly set it up and get to code without worrying much about the internals of webpack etc.

Yes, exactly. Using JSX is also easy for development purposes if you don't like hyperscript syntax. Just add babel.min.js file and use

  <script src="https://unpkg.com/babel-standalone@6/babel.min.js"></script>
  <script type="text/jsx">
  /** @jsx m */
  // your can use jsx here
and bingo! You can use JSX. No need to use npm, webpack, etc.

Setting up Webpack manually is a pain, but honestly if one uses create-react-app, everything is done for you and you just start coding your app: you have transpiling of ES6 (at least, I don't know about ES7), you can install and include other packages, etc. etc.

True. If you're creating an app that will be used in production then of course you need to use npm, webpack and other tools.

But if you're new to a framework and just want to experiment then being able to create an html file with a couple of script tags and writing code removes many barriers to entry.

React, Vue and many others already offer this, I thought it was worth mentioning that Mithril does this too.

I don't know. Creating the HTML file, finding a CDN, and adding script tags take more than:

npx create-react-app MyApp

There is nothing to install, and you have a complete playground to experiment.


That link preloads mithril in a web playground and you're ready to go in a couple of seconds. You can even download and continue development locally should the need arise - without the gorilla and the jungle hiding behind it.

The biggest problem I find with that is if the template/tool gets some deprecated/critically flawed dependencies, for tweaking it can be ignored but not for production or critical systems.

Also taking the time to set up your project with what's just needed will allow to dodge a lot of bullets of breaking or useless dependencies, malicious dependency update tc.

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