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I remember Kaybee blowing out Intellivision games for next to nothing when the bottom fell out. We filled up our cabinet quick.

But it was prophetic, because it was the Commodore 64 I moved to next, and I hardly touched the Inty after that.

My parents got me a used C64 with almost literally everything (monitor, printer, light pen, speech synth, fast load, disk drive, tape drive) and close to 100 games and apps for my 8th birthday in 1983. Knowing what they made and how much that probably cost, it was a huuuuggee investment for them. That one thing, more than anything else, impacted my life. I started programming basic, learned word processing (hello GeoWrite), got online with QuantumLink, created a fake newspaper for my house, and got my first taste of the potential for gaming beyond consoles. There's just no way consoles could compete with that.

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