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Agustin, congratulations and good luck on your wonderful journey! Passive investment is something I've been following closely in Canada and hoping you can really help people secure their finances.

I have been in financial services strategy for quite a while now in various parts of the retail banking world and have been leading customer acquisition for both cards and retail banking in general. You're right - distribution is a big challenge but another big challenge is getting people to trust you with their money.

For me, you can either build the trust on your own (hard) or rely on your existing customers to help funnel the trust (i.e. referral schemes). Case studies, online calculators, customer videos speaking about the product, partnerships (have to be careful that this is a win-win) are some tactics you can think about.

Other questions for thought: - Does the government in Chile provide deposit guarantees? (i.e. if you go bankrupt, does the govt pay back the depositors a certain percentage?) - Can you convince people to move just a small percentage of their savings? Are you expecting people to use your platform for 100% of their investments or can you get people to consider you as part of their wider investment strategy? - Can your existing customers help in some way or form (i.e. referral scheme, communities, etc.)?

Wealthsimple is a great company that you can look to emulate as they do automated investments for Canadians.

Monzo is another great one. Based in the UK, their acquisition growth has been incredible with minimal marketing. Effectively, relying on word of mouth and a great product experience.

If you wanted to discuss more, happy to talk it through my experiences in Canada and the UK

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