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Hi Agustin! First of all, congrats! I think I must have been one of the first 100 or so users of Fintual and am constantly pitching how cool the onboarding is and how simply you explain the service. On that regard, I’m sure I have pushed 5 of my close friends and colleagues to invest in the platform and the first feedback I get is how stable their investments seem to be. I do get a lot of un faithful responses from people who don’t trust online services with their money... they compare it to bitcoins and crypto markets... here’s my first feedback, I think you need to work on explaining how and where your funds are being invested. I have experience on traditional banking investments and I see the same pdf document my bank used to pitch their funds at me. You should work on that.

Another I miss, and have to start tracking on my own is the fluctuations of my investment. I am a bit of a control freak and keep an spreadsheet with the percentage earned each day. It be great to have that info within the platform. Every time I show it to my friends they seem to trust the platform a bit more. That’s another... more data, easier it is to influence others to join.

Sorry if this seems like a feature request! :P

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