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Regarding the IPSA ETF : 0.2% entry comission + 0.6% ETF Fee + 0.2% exit commission ...the 1.19% seems quite reasonable, besides your are buying an assets which has a quite poor risk return profile (if you buy a solid corporate debt fund you obtain broadly the same return but half the risk). I believe Fintual pricing seems reasonable for the benefits of having a more solid portfolio.

Renta4's commission is 0.15% but I use it only for Bolsa de Santiago. Most of my portfolio is in Vanguard's ETFs that are significantly cheaper. I understand that Fintual's offer is still much better than any "fondo mutuo" from a local bank but hopefully they will be able to reduce the fees in future.

Anyway, I'm just picky because I have a choice. Meanwhile, the average person in Latin America definitely needs better instruments for investing. Best of luck to the team!

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