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Hey Agustín, Nico Goles here.

Just wanted to write here to congratulate you and your team. I've been following what you guys have been doing for many, many years, and you have never ceased to impress me.

Since I've been living here in San Francisco, I've gotten quite into personal finance and retirement investment. I've wondered many times why my family there in Chile can't have access to some of the tools available here. Having read your post and done a bit of research the reasons seem pretty clear to me.

Thanks for working on such a meaningful solution, I've already recommended it to several family members.

Good luck to you and the team, and if I can help with anything don't hesitate and reach out :)

Best, Nicolás

Thanks for recommending our solution to your family! What you say is definitely true. It is really surprising that investment culture and knowledge is so different between countries that in other aspects are not that far appart.

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