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Nice post. Best of luck in what you're doing!

My thought is people are averse to fees - but there needs to be a bit more of an impetus for someone to switch to your platform. Will you be using ETFs to gain exposures? If so, a lot of the marketing could be focused on diversity of investment or saving for retirement.

A lot of the reason the robo's have taken off is that some provide "fractional ownership". So you can invest as little as $1. There is some legal and compliance issues you would need to iron out in your home country. The "Acorns" approach is a good one in my opinion. Helps you get many small accounts quickly.

Ultimately, performance is what a lot of people go by. You need 5 years. Once you have 1 though - with 7% fees - you can easily start showing expense ratio drags on portfolios...

Thanks for your thoughts! Cool insights there. In fact, we do use global ETFs so we do offer diversified exposure. As a regulated entity we are able to allow investment for as low as US$1. We haven't conducted our marketing as Acorns' does, though, because we feel the biggest problem (opportunity) right now is the one that relatively successful professionals in their 30s face: they are able to save money but they have no time to invest it right. You may be right suggesting that getting many small accounts quickly can be a good strategy though, thanks for that idea, will think it through.

About performance, I agree, it will take some time until regular people start noticing the difference.

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