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Hey, I just went through your signup questionnaire to test it out (I work in a similar space in the US). It felt very long to me in comparison with most services I've looked at. I'm not sure what the regulations in Chile require you to ask, but for what it's worth, Betterment entirely skips doing a risk questionnaire and let's you immediately choose a goal/portfolio. The signup funnel for financial services is long and brutal due to all of the PII you have to collect, so making it shorter is usually a big win.

Overall very impressed though! Awesome to see this sort of stuff launching in markets outside of the US.

Thanks! well even though the answer is 'yes the law does require a risk questionnaire' what we've seen with our users is that they actually enjoy answering these questions about themselves. Almost like personality quiz or something ;) You might still be right though, I guess once we get a wider upper funnel we will be able to test this further.

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