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For non chileans, in the 'preguntas frecuentes' page, could you use CLP$ to distinguish it clearly from US$?

Thanks for noticing!

Yes, we use $ for peso and US$ for dollars because that's what our current customers would expect. We might have to localize the page once we grow.

I feel putting CLP$ would be confusing for them now!

"$" is default for CLP here and nobody ever uses "CL$".

As far as I know, it's the same for other LatAm countries because "$" originates from the coat of arms of the Spanish Empire:


Didn't notice it was in CLP until I read your comment. :(

Also this is available for Chile only? I'm in Bolivia, will be able to invest?

The site needs communication work.

We launched Chile in March 2018, we plan to reach some milestones first and then move to tackle the next countries. About communication work, sure, we are editing our FAQ just now, so thanks for your feedback. If you find anything else that needs clarification please let us know!

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