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Is it legal in Chile to show synthetic returns? If so, you could backtest your passive strategy and plot that on a chart along with the median mutual fund return. Heck, in South Africa only 18% of mutual funds beat the market over 5 years. Break the mutual fund returns down into returns before fees and returns after fees to show just how dramatic the effect is. With that single chart you can point to anyone, regardless of education, and say, ‘see that wedge, labeled fees? That’s what is financing your fund manager’s yacht.’

Legally, we cannot say "see, this is Fintual" when referring to the backtest, but we could definitely do the comparison and show how a passive strategy beats most of those yacht hungry managers. Great idea. We have done a simple chart that shows how fees eat people's lunch here https://fintual.com/simulador but we still need to iterate on top of that.

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