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Right, sorry, I wasn't clear. The producer is the one who's going to have a problem.

If I'm SquirtyBoy on PornoTron, I still have to convert BitCoin/Ethereum/Whatever into cash so my landlord doesn't kick me out onto the street.

(Unless you mean consumers should be paying PornoTron in cryptocurrency, which PornoTron then exchanges into fiat currency, and then pays SquirtyBoys in that. I think I mistook what you meant by "middle men" - I thought you meant things like PornTube, whereas you apparently meant Stripe/Paypal/etc.)

No company that accepts Bitcoin I'm aware of holds cryptocurrency for more than a day. Even my own company cashes out in a matter of hours via BitPay. Of course, they would exchange every day to their USD bank account. This is completely automated at such companies.

See the article for what I mean by middlemen. Stripe/Paypal are not middlemen for adult entertainment companies.

Yeah, I was just using Stripe/Paypal as an example of an payment intermediary. What you're saying makes a lot more sense to me now.

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