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> anonymous. Your wife won't find out in a bank statement, so less chance of "fake-angry" customers trying to force money back.

Right, she'll think you're buying drugs instead when she sees the charge for cryptocurrency.

You can just say you heard about all this cryptocurrency craze and wanted to try and get rich too.

"Honey I wanted to buy some bitcoins because if they go up we could make a mint.."

Or prostitutes?

Why would you need crypto (rather than cash) for any inherently in-person exchange?

A prostitute of sufficient quality and reputation may actually require payment ahead of time.

counterfeit money?

Very easy to defend, since there are infinite possibilities of what a Coinbase transaction in your bank statement could mean. "I wanted to try out crypto so I bought a takeout pizza" he might say. Not the case with CC-Bill or AcmeMiddlemanHoldings.

And regardless of how the interaction plays out between the wife and husband, the end result will never be a chargeback, so the content provider wins anyway.

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