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That's only 15 states, in the rest of them underage drinking in a private setting is either explicitly allowed or not on the books (so in a gray area).

I got that here:


Which may of course be out of date.

Absolutely true. It's a common misconception that the drinking age in the US is 21; federal law mandates that states outlaw the sale of alcohol to those under 21, but states have varying laws regarding the consumption of alcohol by minors.

You're portraying this wrong. Only 19 do not restrict underage drinking at all. 15 ban it in all cases and the rest have certain exceptions for location and family members. The majority ban underage drinking in most cases, not allow it.

> (how to lie with statistics)

Right, I'll just leave it at that.

Yeah I deleted that immediately after posting because I thought it was too hyperbolic (despite being a great book).

I still don't see how what you wrote conflicts with what I wrote though.


   19 states allow it

   15 ban it completely

   the rest have exceptions for location and family members
Then it stands to reason that a majority of the states allow it in some form just as much as a majority (but a smaller one) forbids it in some form.

Because it was more complex than just that single number (the 15 that completely forbid it) I included the link so you can verify for yourself that only 15 states have an outright ban.

What is considered a 'private setting' and a family situation is not for me to decide, we're talking about consumption here, not about sales.

So in 35 states drinking by minors in some settings is legal, and in 19 of them there are no restrictions.

By the same logic, in 31 states there are some restrictions on alcohol consumption, and it is completely forbidden in 15 of those.

Right, but in those states where some drinking is allowed, there are far more places where it isn't allowed than where it is. I think it's disingenuous to phrase exceptions in the active sense.

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