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Off-topic, but I went to see what does this billionaire do nowadays: http://www.asana.com

Sounds interesting, but what's wrong with their web pages? Both Chrome and Safari seem to cut the bottom part of the text.

There seems to be Javascript snippet to resize the blog but it ain't working. And they use iframe for blog content, why? Maybe they are developing some new technology and used it to implement their own blog. Seems that tech ain't production ready yet,

There's even a comment:

I assure you, we typically write nicer code than this. This is git-it-done hacktown. -jr

That is weird. I'm also creeped out by any company that has as many 'advisors' as they do employees (10 emp, 13 advisors). But then again, maybe that is how these companies work...

Those are angel investors as well as advisors.

Sounds like Chandler. http://chandlerproject.org/vision

Maybe one of these days someone will succeed in this space. It would be nice.

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