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All the .torrent files are served over http so with a simple MITM attack a bad actor could swap in their own custom tweaked version of any data set here in order to achieve whatever goals that might serve for the bad actor's interests.

I really wish we could get basic security concepts added to the default curriculum for grade schoolers. You shouldn't need a PhD in computer security to know this stuff. These site creators have PhDs in other fields, but obviously no concept of security. This stuff should be basic literacy for everyone.

> This stuff should be basic literacy for everyone.

Arguably, one compromised PKI x.509 CA jeopardizes all SSL/TLS channel sec if there's no certificate pinning and an alternate channel for distributing signed cert fingerprints (cryptographically signed hashes).

We could teach blockchain and cryptocurrency principles: private/secret key, public key, hash verification; there there's money on the table.

GPG presumes secure key distribution (`gpg --verify .asc`).

TUF is designed to survive certain role key compromises. https://theupdateframework.github.io

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