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What if it reduces the disincentives to becoming a heroin addict?

Sending them to jail doesn't work. I think we have learned that during the war on drugs. Maybe send them to therapy or just let them do their thing? I used to know a heroin addict who made enough money to afford his heroin and he held a job successfully. He would sometimes disappear for a few days but I have seen that with heavy drinkers too. I think most drugs can be managed as well or badly as alcoholism.

I have a distant relative in Belarus who is a heroin addict for 25 years. Periodically he is thrown into a jail for stealing stuff. When he is released his close relatives have to watch for their stuff as he tries to still from them. But he only still to pay for heroin. If he will be provided free heroin, he will be harmless and may even do something useful as his mental and physical health AFAIK is still OK.

Being a heroin addict already sucks - the main disencientives are that you will probably die, that you’ll get dope sick, that you’ll lose friends and family. People who get into heroin don’t do it because of some cost benifit analysis, but because they are truely desperate.

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