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i am curious if you considered f#.

We didn’t. I’ve heard good things about it, but my understanding is it’s windows/mono, and we run all Linux in production, which seems like a pain to navigate. (F# is CLR right?) Maybe this isn’t that big of an issue in reality but we had a reason to specifically consider OCaml, and once we passed on it, had strong biases to otherwise avoid things considered exotic.

F# runs fine on Linux, and it compatible with dotnet core, and have a very good emacs mode

If you have more questions on F# i recommend the community forum http://forums.fsharp.org/

I am not an expert, yet, but F# is missing several of the more sophisticated OCaml features, but on the positive side, you have the .net core ecosystem

can you point me to a tut to get f#running on Ubuntu?

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