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"You may be relieved when you install your first Vue CLI 3 project and see there is no webpack.config.js in the project root. This is because most project configuration for Vue CLI 3 is abstracted into plugins and is merged into the base configuration at runtime."

Well, I guess have fun untangling that knot whenever there's a problem with Webpack! We all know how easy and fun the last Webpack major version upgrade was to all the things out there designed to reduce the amount of interaction with it when bootstrapping a project.

Just freaking learn Webpack, dude. I agree that it sucks, but not everything about your job needs to be fun.

Yeah, that made me laugh. Is it really a relief to have a config file you can't see instead of one you can?

Given `vue inspect` or even a `console.log(config)` inside the `configureWebpack` function in vue.config.js, it's very much a config file you can see.

Fair enough -- it's not like it's completely opaque. But when I start a project and see there is no webpack.config.js in the project root, I feel the opposite of relief.

For example, if there isn't a config file, it's usually because there are more than one. Or, even worse, the config is dynamically generated. A build process like that is much harder for me to fully understand than one with a simple webpack.config.js.

However, this may be biased, as it's coming from the perspective of someone who already "knows Webpack".

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