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Please don't break the site guidelines yourself, regardless of how badly another commenter is behaving. That only makes the thread even worse.


That is the problem with quick searches, they are usually incomplete.

1) While Biotinidase Deficiency is rare, Partial Biotinidase Deficiency is not as rare. Combining the two the incidence it is 1 in 61,000

2) There are no good statistics for late onset partial biotinidase deficiency. And they do not know why it happens. This is what I am diagnosed with.

3) Combine even a minimal decrease in biotinidase deficiency with a slight holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency and you can look like you have Biotinidase Deficiency when your enzyme assay is not that low. This can be cured with biotin as well. So how many is it now? 3000 or 300,000?

4) yes, there is more than BTD Deficiency that is wrong with me. I was stigmatized by doctors and psychiatrists for 25 years because all they saw was my mental illness. If it was not for Dr. Barry Wolf I would be dead.

5) so how many other causes of depression are there that do not get fixed with working out?

6) One of the people who authored this study is linked to Spring Health. Whose motto is “We use #data to help you choose the right #antidepressant”.

My point is that mood disorders are complex, and studies like this, that simplify mood disorders, are damaging to the people who have them. The company attached to this research is promising AI to find ways to help people’s mental health when there are currently no clear causes or treatments. I wonder if their app will tell people to get their B12 checked or send them to a doctor for Prozac when the jogging dies not work...

It’s vapor ware and they put out these studies to help them seem like they are not.

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