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Programming in an Interactive Environment: The “Lisp” Experience (1978) [pdf] (softwarepreservation.org)
73 points by lispm 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

A bunch of topics are covered in this paper:

  * interactive programming in Lisp
  * residential systems with managed source
  * structure editing
  * domain specific languages
  * programming methodology
  * programmable/extensible software
  * embedded languages
  * patching code by advising (before and after...)
  and more
This paper is also included in the book 'Interactive Programming Environments', 1984, Barstow/Shrobe/Sandewall

That Lisp experience was quite relevant at Xerox PARC and they made a point of providing a similar experience with Mesa, and later Mesa/Cedar development environments.

"Xerox Development Environment (XDE)"


"Xerox Development Environment: Concepts and Principles "


"The Cedar Programming Environment, A Midterm Report and Examination"


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