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Ask HN: What will you be working on this weekend?
13 points by gyani95 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments
I myself am trying to figure out what to work on. If anyone wants a helping hand, I'd be happy to help.

I finished the decoder for UDP packet streams, so I will be implementing a high performance webgl + websocket viewer for the front end.

I’ll be monitoring some deep nets that are training human action recognition from LiDAR data. Training a neural net for recognising human emotions,

I’ll finish up the API metering on our face recognition API ahead of some large customer demos this week.

A few bug fixes in my Deep Learning platform regarding class activation map generating.

And I have a bit of performance testing to do on apache arrow / RPC mechanism

I’m mentoring a few junior devs that are coming to my house Sunday too, they have some projects / hackathon type tasks I’m stretching their abilities with.

I love weekends! Less customer interaction do I can code heaps without interruption!

Your weekend seems longer than my weekend. I guess you are just really productive on weekends. What's your regular job like?

This is my job, I run my own startup (in profile)

Today my goal was to make some tiger-bread - not the usual kind of tiger-bread as described in wikipedia:


Instead I wanted to make a "leopard-print" inside the bread, using a combination of food-dye and nested pieces of dough.

Unfortunately I proved that the concept could work, but did not achieve success:


I expect I'll do better next time, as I quickly realized that the addition of the colouring was really throwing off my dough. Adding cocoa-powder to dye the white-dough brown made it too stuff, and similarly the volume of "yellow" dye I needed to add made those pieces of dough too moist. It menat when I was trying to roll & wrap different coloured parts together it just didn't work.

In short I knew what I wanted to do, make "sausages" of one-colour, wrap in another, then layer those upon each other. Instead I gave up. I rolled some shapes, did some stacking, and realized I'd have better luck starting over in the future.

So that'll be a job for next weekend.

Also I implemented a simple intepreter in golang recently, following along from a book, and I'll be adding some new features to it. But that's less interesting.

I wonder if you could use turmeric powder for yellow dye. I don't know how it will taste with the cocoa bread. I like it, not many do.

Interesting idea, thank-you. I'm certainly willing to try it :)

I planned to fix some bugs in HNBuddy [1]. I was hoping to deliver an update this week, but I just spent 6 hours trying to fix a navigation bar that is supposed to hide on scroll. It is finally working as I want (and on all the supported devices). I just have to clean all that code now...

It's kind of frustrating to spend to much time on details like that. Nobody will ever think "wow, that navbar is smooth!".

Btw, the navbar is implemented in an open source project [2], if you want to get a look at it.

[1] http://www.hnbuddy.io

[2] https://github.com/tsucres/SwiftyMercuryReady

I moved from a western European country to one in the east. Things here are a little bit less organised than back home. Back home, everybody uses direct debit to authorise companies to take the money for bills out of their accounts. Like this you never have to worry about paying the bills. This kind of system is slowly gaining traction here, but it is not without it flaws. Sometimes it fails :-)

I wrote some some code that logs on to the websites of all the companies I have contracts with and verifies that the bill was paid. If it wasn't, it sends me a warning text. Nothing fancy, but I have to add some integration tests today :)

I have a Grails app that was written using Grails 2.2.3 and which I only recently started moving to Grails 3.3.6. So I'll be continuing to work on that. And as part of the migration, I plan to clean up some architectural issues that I know consider bad decisions given the benefit of hindsight.

Depending on how fast that goes, and how much time I spend on that, I'll probably work on some Kaggle competitions or something else AI/ML related.

Interesting. What does this app do?

The specific one I'm working on now is an "Enterprise Social Network". To oversimplify a bit, think "a clone of Facebook or G+, but with features specific to integrating with useful things in an enterprise setting". It's part of an overall platform for knowledge management / collaboration that we've been working on for a while now.

Just a reminder. Ludum Dare Game Jam takes place this weekend. Theme is "running out of space" which should be inspiring ;)

If you are looking for team mates, check out Crowdforge:


Thanks, I'll check it out.

Security keys for two factor auth with fido2. I’ll start drafting the kickstarter campaign, and probably I’ll play around 3d modeling/printing some cases.

Maybe also improving the website: https://solokeys.com, and, why not, blogging.

Update: I'm going to this hackathon in SF https://www.meetup.com/noisebridge/events/252774745/

I'm replanting some seedlings and another house plant, and hoping to bring a self modifying simulation experiment I've been messing around with to some kind of decent conclusion as I really want to get back to my main hobby project now (a different simulation).

I'm curious what these simulations are about, would you care to elaborate?

The one I'm working on now is just a small experiment for a self-modifying simulation in Go that is based on this paper about open ended evolution: https://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/susan/bib/ss/nonstd/ecal11-1...

My goal is not really to implement the full architecture proposed here or achieve true open endedness, but just to play around with some of the mentioned concepts to understand them better.

My long term project is an amateur snail simulation. Someone else asked about it recently so I'll just link to the explanation I wrote up in relation to that question: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17692871

I started building a small vscode extension that shows you the list of signatures of all of your functions in your elm project. The idea being to quickly find something that matches the signature you want to use at the moment.

Nothing. This weekend is for recreation and recharge. Future weekends may be different

take some hours to study angular dart.


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