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[flagged] Achieving consensus with 99% dishonest actors (radixdlt.com)
32 points by max_ 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

That's a very strong claim, and I hope it is true (if there is anything I have learned from cryptography, it is that sometimes things that seem impossible are proven to be possible).

But I would like to see a much more formal mathematical paper describing the proof, at least similar in detail and rigor as say the Algorand paper. This is such a short article, in plain english, that it's pretty hard to believe the claim of achieving consensus with 99% dishonest actors..

Edit: I just noticed that the final sentence does reference a white paper, which I will now read and comment upon after finishing.

OK, I read the paper, I was hoping for a repeating sequence of Theorem, Proof Motivation/Explanation, repeat... English word salad motivating the strategy or approach, but proofs for each claim.

Perhaps they have proofs, but they're not in the paper.

Now it's just impact factor jello :(

Moreover, it seemms that the initiator of a transaction chooses its own inspector, who then chooses the next. What prevents the united 99% conspiring malicious from selecting each other as inspectors, and underwriting each other?

They've shifted the hard work to a separate system that isn't described in the article. I'll go ahead and predict that their "Mass" system is either proof of work or proof of stake.

Congress has been doing this for 200+ years!

Please don't do this here.

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