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Ask HN: Anyone else have troubles with Facebook's app review process?
11 points by mattkrea 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
We've recently submitted an application that uses some basic Facebook APIs for business reviews and some other things and have, in each attempt, provided a user/pass for our system so they can review it. Each time they reject without seeing the accounts somehow.. I get the feeling they are blanket rejecting at the moment.

I've got a blanket rejection for my page regarding instant articles. Apparently I violated the monetization agreement at some point (though I collected no money at all, and didn't even have ads); and when I go to the page to appeal it, it's so broken it doesn't let me even submit my page to the appeal process. There's no other way I have to contact them at this point.

Yeah, strangely you cannot appeal if you haven't yet made it through at least once. At least thats how it appears. We're having the same problem. There is basically no recourse if there is a communication problem and you just need to contact someone to resolve it.

I just submitted my app for review two days ago. Still no reaction. Any experience how long it takes till I get an approval/rejection?

Turnaround for us has been about a week. Someone looks at the app.. somehow misses the test user we've provided.. and then immediately rejects us.

For us it took 4 days.

The issue is they are having to re review every app

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