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Registered domain one day, got 23 calls from marketers the next
8 points by dumbfounder 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
Has anybody else experienced this lately? I wonder if it is related to gdpr drying up data on older registrations? Any other theories?

Edit: I used Godaddy, didn't pay for privacy. No calls today so far today (10am east coast).

Edit 2: Just talked to a coworker, it happened to his son recently and he registered at register.com. I think that supports my theory.

I had this recently happen as well. I always go through namecheap and use their (now free) privacy offering, yet from one of my domains (a .digital) I received lots of spam calls from Indian dev shops offering their services. Thankfully it only lasted a few days.

You're not providing a lot of details. What registrar did you use? Did you opt in with the anonymity/privacy most of them offer? Because if you don't anyone can get your info from a simple whois lookup.

Edited the summary. Yes, it is a simple whois to look up my info, but I have registered well over 100 domains exactly the same way in the past and this has never happened.

In inquired about a domain ~3 years ago that was grossly overpriced, from my work email address.

Two weeks ago I got a call on my personal cell from someone wanting to know if I was still interested in buying the domain.

Do not use a your personal e-mail address in a domain registration. Either use a fake one, or some dedicated one you can filter.

Don't use your real address or phone number.

> Don't use your real address or phone number.

This is terrible advice that could possibly result in you losing your domain, from the Registrar trying to contact you on your fake address or phone, and deciding to suspend / delete your domain per ICANN Agreements / Rules.

> 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) – The Whois Accuracy Program Specification of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) requires registrars to validate and verify certain Whois data fields, which may include contacting you by phone, email or postal mail.

> Registrars must suspend or delete domain names that are not timely verified.

Source: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/contact-verification-2...

I’m in the UK. I find that .com purchases generate much more spam.

"didn't pay for privacy"

If you don't pay your info is public.

What did you expect?

Not paying extra to hide your data doesn't mean giving consent to being repeatedly harassed over the phone.

We're used to the abuses of marketing departments, but we shouldn't.

I have registered over 100 domains in the past and this has never happened. I expected to have the same experience.

Yep that’s a lesson learned for me as well. I got blasted with Indian dev shops asking if I wanted their “expert” services.

I did follow up to see what “expert” meant and I was not surprised to find a site that looked like early 2000s.

yes fuck go daddy they purposely did this because i didn't opt in for their paid privacy crap service. They also emailed the shit out of me.

Yep, I used Godaddy too and didn't pay for the privacy. I got several emails but that's normal for me to get a lot of crap emailed to me. The phone calls were not normal. I tried asking one person where they got my number but they just hung up on me.

Same thing happened to me on bluehost.

Yes, emails too for about 3 months

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