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Roboticst at OSU uses performing arts to make robots more social (oregonlive.com)
46 points by rbanffy 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

This is now a trend. The goal of humanizing robots and AI is really interesting, and I think is merited as we nudge ourselves toward more ubiquitous human-machine interaction.

Comedian: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/arts/ai-comedy-artificial...



I realized recently that although getting robots to understand humor is a hard problem, getting robots to develop stand-up comedy is tractable.

The reason is stand-up comedians have to develop their act empirically. They try out material that they think might be funny, and they try it out in front of an audience. They go through a process of constant trial and error. This is in contrast to what most audiences think happens.

Yes but being a human they already have a pretty good idea what might be funny for the audience they want to perfmorm for.

So basically I think a computer would need a lot more trial and error than the human does, and I’m not sure a good way to allow for that magnitude of trial and error without having some other computer that has a sense of humor be the judge.

No, you'd want to bootstrap the process with some kind of machine learning to categorize humor and non-humor. It would have poor accuracy, no doubt, but it would be better than random generation.

I agree that it would be less efficient than in humans but with learning it might be able to converge on a set of strategies, possibly "cheats" that are likely to produce laughs.

You may converge on an "air-humping cheetah" style cheat, like repeating the word "Poop!" over and over...

Are you suggesting that catch phrases aren't hilarious? YOWZA! [looks at camera, smiles]

First time seeing the 'inaccessible if coming from the EU' message. Wonder if there are any stats out there to break down how many non-EU websites are opting to stop the traffic vs complying with the GDPR.

And, worst, they use the 451 status when it's them who don't want to comply with a privacy protection law.

Do they think anyone will believe the EU is censoring US websites?

interesting that if you believe "David" giving an interview to the Sun, there could be fines even if websites prevent access to the EU citizens


I think that, if real, which I doubt, is a hard to enforce rule and an unfair one. If you are unwilling to protect the privacy of your users, you can still serve your website to people who live in countries that don't mandate such protections.

My problem is with the misuse of a political statement. The EU is not censoring anyone. It's protecting its residents. Shame on governments that don't do the same.

Did a bit more looking into this and it seems to be the case. The issue is with organisations that have historically captured info about EU citizens which even if they stopped access to new EU users, still makes them need to comply with GDPR. So preventing access might also need to be supported by removing any EU user data from your system. Discussed in detail below.


latimes.com does a similar thing; bounced off it a couple times in the past few weeks.

EU-accessible version, I assume it's roughly equivalent to the submitted link: https://www.oregonlive.com/silicon-forest/index.ssf/2018/08/....

"OSU" is not descriptive.

Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University

Ohio State University

That headline appeared in a local newspaper in Corvallis, the town where Oregon State University is located. In that context it's pretty clear, but agreed that on HN it's very ambiguous.

As an Oregon State University graduate I assumed it was one of the other OSUs until I saw the domain.

It's also a popular videogame.

EDIT: Oregon State University, based on this: https://www.oregonlive.com/silicon-forest/index.ssf/2018/08/....

I think you meant The* Ohio State University

Inaccessible in the EU

Not accessable in the EU.


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