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Retool (YC S17) is looking for software engineers
7 months ago | hide
Hi - you might've seen us recently on HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17725966).

We're looking for our first software engineer! We'd be particularly interesting in chatting if you:

* Enjoy programming - a lot

* Enjoy thinking about product (engineers at Retool have to, because we don't have any "product people")

* Are fairly industrious - and like the get things done

* Enjoy working on tightly-knit teams, where we're very close to each other

We're profitable, growing quickly, and have raised money from Y Combinator, John and Patrick Collison, Elad Gil, Greg Brockman, Daniel Gross, and Nat Friedman. These are all technical founders who know the pain of building internal tools! (Ideally, you'd find the space interesting as well.)

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