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Show HN: CanSnippetCE Easily manage your repetitive code, phrases and paragraphs
3 points by ademcan 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hi HN,

I am really happy to announce the new version of canSnippetCE (v2.0.0) today. canSnippet Community Edition is a web-based snippet management tool. It allows you to save and share all the precious pieces of code and text that you often refer to. The whole story started during my PhD when I often needed to get the list of all hexamer sequences (4096 sequences of 6 letters) as a Python array. Instead of writing the function every time in different project or creating limited access functions I was simply copy-pasting these few lines of code to all the scripts that needed this information. I then decided to implement a code snippet manager to make my life easier. Today, I use canSnippet for anything from a single hexstring for colors in CSS to complete functions to repetitive text for emails.

canSnippet CE was born in 2013, followed by a little desktop brother in 2017 (https://cansnippet.com) and a completely new version 2.0.0 coming out today. The main advantage of the desktop version is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to have your snippets always in your hands.

canSnippet CE is a complete content management system for your repetitive code and text. The main features of canSnippet are as follow: - easily share your snippets with a unique URL - multiple user accounts - syntax highliting - tag support - copy the snippet to your clipboard with a button - rating system - multiple themes

You can follow the whole project via: - http://cansnippet.org/ - Github: https://github.com/ademcan/canSnippet - Twitter: https://twitter.com/cansnippet

Feel free to share and let me know your feedback.

canSnippetly yours :)

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