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Ask HN: How to publish your side project on Twitter if you have no followers?
1 point by johngorse 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Why would you publish it on twitter? There are better places such as reddit, indiehackers, product hunt and hackernews. Depending on what your side project does, there are even more outlets to generate imoressions and getting feedback

Let's say you want to validate your idea with a simple landing page with signup form. Where you would publish this stuff?

Read his comment again, he listed a bunch of great websites to post on.

Did. You can't publish landing pages for products that are not even MVP on HN, IndieHackers and Product Hunt. The only one that you can is BetaList. I think my question is valid. Because if you listen to famous makers and influencers like Peter Levels, Justin Jackson and others, they use their Twitter channel as a primary source for validating idea. The others, that don't have 10K followers are in a tough position because you have to first build an audience. With what? Blog posts?

You can totally post on indiehackers in the community section, or producthunt in the maker section...

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