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lisper 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

It's got a nice crunch and doesn't have bitter flavor the way some other varieties can pick up (because it has essentially no flavor)

I don't mind iceberg in a salad since it's the main ingredient and I know it's going to be there, but I hate finding that watery crunch in a sandwich. It's equivalent to biting, sipping a bit of water, and then chewing.

I tend to like butter lettuce better. It depends if I’m making a sandwich or a salad, though.

But does it have nutrients? Or is it just cells pumped up with water?

Am I on reddit?

dqpb 8 months ago [flagged]

How is this front page on hacker news? Please, lettuce get back to tech news.

Here, have your upvote. #dadjokes

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