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Show HN: Montreal-based tech pharmacy Airix
1 point by startupmtl 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hi all!

To anyone interested in healthtech startups: I'd like to introduce you to Airix Pharmacy (https://www.airix.co/en/app), a new tech and service-oriented independent online pharmacy focused on providing the best health care, tools and products to our patients without any of the extra clutter. We deliver prescriptions all over Quebec for free (and by hand in the Greater Montreal Area). Note that currently we cannot ship prescription medication outside of Quebec to the rest of Canada, nor can we ship to the USA.

Get the app: https://www.airix.co/app

Learn more about Airix Pharmacy: https://www.airix.co/en/about-us

We’ve so far concentrated our efforts in developing an iOS and Android app better than those by the big pharmacy chains to allow for easy registration. Then it facilitates consulting one’s pharmacy profile, learning more about their treatments, ordering and scheduling delivery, payment, uploading prescriptions via a snap of the camera, and more. So far the unique feature people seem to love the most is the chat component that allows you to chat with a pharmacist.

We would love any and all comments, feedback, feature requests, etc, in short anything that would help us improve and guide our future direction. Feel free to drop us an email at info@airix.co or call us at the pharmacy at (514) 657-8996.

Thanks for check us out!

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