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Ask HN: Should we have a $ symbol for premium content
13 points by cpheimbach 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
It feels to me that the amount of shared articles which are behind a paywall are rising.

I wonder if HN’s usability would improve if these article would be marked with ($) or so.

I often click there for a cheap read on my commute and find it annoying when seeing a paywall rather than the article.

Just prefix with https://outline.com/

Thanks for sharing this!

I'd like to filter out certain domains, for instance there is no point in me visiting latimes.com because they block the EU.


There are work-arounds, sure. Maybe you could even build them into the submission process. But they should still be identified to begin with.

Can the forum software reliably detect that?

I find that „feature“ unimportant, but if it‘s something the submitter must do, I‘m strongly against it. I would ignore such a rule, unless there‘s near-unanimous consensus.

Some of them are aoft paywalls. Others are easily defeatable, though it may not be legal to link to a readable link.

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