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Ask HN: What Would a Kubernetes Desktop Client / IDE Look Like?
7 points by tnolet 74 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I'm putting out a feeler here. I find myself working with a desktop client / IDE type program for all kinds of daily tasks: SQL editing, writing code, blogging etc. Many times the equivalent web versions are just not up to par or too slow.

For Kubernetes work, the Dashboard is pretty OK, but falls a bit flat when compared to something like Mesosphere's DC/OS. Also, switching between multiple clusters and getting an overview OVER multiple clusters is not very elegant.

What (other) use cases would you like to see if there was a Kubernetes desktop client / IDE?

P.S. I'm aware of https://kubernetic.com/ but it seems half finished and abandoned at this stage.

Let me kickstart this discussion. I recognise some use cases:

- cross cluster metrics. - quick switching between clusters. - visual, form based one-off deploys. Handy when debugging or doing ad hoc work - visual exploration of a cluster - visual helm integration, aking to DC/OS Universe or "app store" - Guided wizards for common admin tasks

What’s the rational for a desktop client/IDE vs a web based version?

I can think of three things.

- performance. Local apps tend to just run faster. Not always, but generally.

- focus. One app, one function.

- security. A local app could easily connect to clusters in your network using local certificates. In the cloud you would have to give the web based version access to your network. In many cases this would be a total no go. You can do stuff with VPN, firewalls etc. but that severely complicates the use case.

Sorry to be devil’s advocate but is performance a major issue?

Focus I think you could do it on the web if you build a single app?

The security makes sense although can I also do a web based app but installed on a local server? As opposed to the cloud.

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