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Ask HN: Why there is a black bar on top of HN?
27 points by anandnair 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments
I suddenly noticed a black bar on top of HN. What is that?

I Googled and found that "When someone important to the community dies, a thin black bar is added to the top of HN as a mark of respect".

So what happened now?

Ctrl-F "has died" on HN front page usually clues you in.

Can we have a hover over message on the black bar so that people know what's going on?

Because my upvote might not mean enough, I agree, too.

1. Hovering over the black bar shows the title of the corresponding HN post.

2. Clicking the black bar takes you to the comments of the HN post, from which you can easily see discussion and click through to the link.

No, it's a kind of shibboleth. A good hacker would already know, an adequate hacker would do the research, a poor hacker would need to be told.

Lol. One thing I noticed among "hackers" here is that they don't want things to be easier for them. They hate convenience. They love hustling :D

Clickable? Hard to hover on mobile.

Not a bad idea. Could be both, clickable and hoverable.

Yes please. Wondering this myself.

That's a good idea.

This please.

It's usually added when some tragedy or loss has happened in the tech community. So if you scan the top stories, you will probably find something related to it.

Has HN been sold to Microsoft?

because of blackhat maybe?

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