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Revolut are a nightmare. After using it for several months and fully verified I apparently entered a CVV incorrectly on one transaction. Revolut blocked the card but with no notification, and no inapp indicators, all showed normal in app, all toggled enabled for maximum flexibility. It took ages to figure out, but swiping the card or using online was now returning to the merchant 'FRAUD/STOLEN' marker rather than just insufficient funds, this lead to Ayden blocking me from merchants and other hell. Best of all support kept telling me my account was fine and all enabled, it was only after Twitter escalation I learnt about a backend block their support staff couldn't see. Ridiculous, weeks to sort, dozens of tickets, suggestion to train support staff or provide in app indicator of block was ignored.This shit still happens today, avoid Revolut. Fintech can be rough, it ain't all great, tread carefully. Oh and they delete feedback from forums if not positive lol

I've done this with Monzo and you get a push notification saying "Declined at XYZ".

They seem to know what they're doing at least

No bad experiences so far with Revolut, but will admit the customer support is pretty terrible. I had to enquire to the CS team about the top-up limit and ended up getting all of my answers from forums instead of the CS team.

I had a similarly disastrous experience with Revolut. I signed up with my US passport and everything went downhill from there. I was able to lodge €50 in to the account but couldn't verify myself (Revolut don't accept US passports as policy) and found myself in a awful situation trying to recover the €50. Revolut took two months to return the money to me.

I'm a massive fan of these apps though -- I use N26 personally . It works and I like that it's German (savings are guaranteed by German gov)

I actually had some issues with my old Revolut Mastercard with TfL. I asked them to check whether this was the case also with others, but no answer. I let this slip as I have plenty of other cards, but still.

After a couple of months, they acknowledged the issue and provided me a free new Revolut Visa. It still took about 2 months to get it in my hands, after having sent a couple of messages via Twitter.

Thank you so much for posting this. Kept waiting for my Revolut invite, but now I know to steer clear.

Tbh I've been using Revolut for like 2 years now if not longer. Saved my ass whenever I was traveling, helps with geoblocked services, virtual cards are great and I can uses it with Google Pay. Never had a single problem.

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