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The Sex Life of Samuel Pepys (2016) (rmg.co.uk)
37 points by pepys 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Related - someone turned his diary entries into tweets and it's amazing to follow: https://twitter.com/samuelpepys

That's nice and works well in twitter format.

As noted in the OP above, the combinations of Spanish and French that are slipped in (https://twitter.com/samuelpepys/status/1027169517145870336) are not the emissions of some auto-translator gone mad. They are the personal code of Pepys for "sensitive" titbits.

Fun coincidence: "pepis" is the Esperanto word for "tweeted".

Pepys’ old house on Buckingham Street in London was my office for a couple of years. It was nice but he seems to have had more fun there. I did encounter fellow cyclist and similarly adulterous Boris Johnson on his bike around there before he became world famous bumbling Brexiteer and Foreign Secretary.

It reads oddly today, with the lineup of men who have used their power to demand sexual favors, and then lost their positions for that.

wasn't it kind of sexual revolution of post- Cromwell/Puritan England?

You will find intelligent people are more deviant and he was an intelligent person. In a way, you could say "Pedophilia - The stupid dont get it" and it would be true for a whole host of reasons.

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