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I kept getting bitten by buildup sections instead of the rhythmic ones—can't tell trance from hi-nrg by whooshing air sounds. I highly doubt if this is feasible at this stage, but properly the app should use audio fingerprinting to choose the three samples that differ from each other.

Secondly, some of the offered genres are too close to each other to choose properly even for an edm nerd: the very first choice was between minimal house and deep house, with a rather bassy-dreamy track. This can be solved by marking similar genres one time in the database. Then, a higher difficulty setting could exist for hardcore geeks, presenting choices from neighboring genres.

Finally, it would be nice if the samples were of similar volume level, so I don't have to fiddle with it on my computer. Since the samples are short, you could analyze the volume on the fly with ReplayGain or a similar algorithm, and apply a correcting gain accordingly.

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