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It is harder than you might think. Not all dirt adheres the same way. Dried bird dropping are significantly more resistant to abrasive cleaning than settled dust. On top of that the opacity is much more problematic for the cell as it creates a resistive hotspot.

Birds won't be flying around in a desert where they can't find water.

Maintenance problems exist with dams or for that matter with any power generation mechanism.

None of these are show stopper problems.

I agree module cleaning is not a showstopper, but it does have its challenges.

-Birds fly everywhere; can't hide from them. It can be hard to diagnose some of the problems they create.

"Robotic" cleaning is really not as common as the headlines make it seem. A couple of big projects have used them to target settled dust that can be removed without water. For most projects, the robotic systems don't pencil out and people default to paying a small crew every couple of months to go out and wash them.

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