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I'm not sure Tesla's public market story is over. It's somewhat absurd for a company to announce a plan that would require $40 billion in capital to be raised to finance it, and offer no details on where that is coming from.

Two, Tesla has large operating losses to go along to its CapEx and many shorts dislike how exactly their choosing to classify many of their expenses. Depending on how you look at their accounting, you can easily believe this company is completely structurally unprofitable.

The people who are betting against Tesla are not stupid.

The people who are betting against Tesla are not stupid.

Smart people lose money all the time:

victims of mt gox hack


long term capital management

2000 dotocm crash

Bill ackman's herbalife short.

and and and on

> victims of mt gox hack

ok bro, I'm not sure we have the same definition of smart people if yours are people decided to buy a bunch of cryptocurrency and keep it all in a website built in php

one person I know, a physicist, said he lost 50 btc in the hack. in hindsight keeping the coins there was stupid but at the time it seemed safe

I go to physicists to learn about physics. I wouldn't ask them a question about finance.

I go to an economist, or maybe a trader, to learn about money and finances.

"The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent" - keynes

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