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Ask HN: How to contact Müller-Wohlfahrt? (hard-to-reach sports medicine doctor)
6 points by gkk on Aug 7, 2018 | hide | past | favorite
I'm looking for a way to contact Hans Müller-Wohlfahrt and I'm hoping HN community can help!

Who is Müller-Wohlfahrt? A pretty famous and sometimes controversial sport medicine doctor. He is currently German national football team doctor. In the past he helped Bono and Usain Bolt dedicated his 2016 gold medal to Muller.

Why I'm trying to contact Muller? I've taken a break from work in Bay Area and I moved to Basel for summer to take care of chronic hamstring injury. The injury proved to be a real mystery and we're running out of ideas. My physio suggested Muller as a person worth a shot. I tried calling Muller's office but he is not really accessible to general public. I tracked down the people Muller works with, including a professor that operated Bono and I crafted emails inspired by Tim Ferris techniques for reaching important people. To no avail.

Who am I? I work at Stripe. In the past I worked on the team that made Scala.

I hope somebody form Germany or somebody with contacts in football world will read this post and help me. In exchange, I would publish the story of meeting Muller which I think would be really interesting. You can think of my recovery as an exponential escalation process and Muller seems to be the peak point: he is at the top of his profession.

If you're curious, I've been writing about my recovery for a while on Medium: https://medium.com/@gkossakowski/hamstring-pull-recovery-week-1-4e0bd949c7a7

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