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Sales of new cars it is, so a decade after said countries will be largely free of fossil fuel cars.

The love affair with the SUV and Stations will have to end unless technology improves greatly. It sucks but it's the price we have to pay.

Norway's ban starts in 2025:


The Netherlands in 2030:


France a decade later in 2040:


I will make you a long bet of $100 that no country bans the sale of new diesel or petrol cars by the end of 2025.

That could be more of a problem for ICE car manufactures than a solution. Regulations are the only thing that will force these people to innovate out of their current existence. With that gone, its basically EV departments have to navigate through powerful political cartels within the company running the existing product cash cows. In short it won't happen.

There is a reason why Microsoft cannot product a good mobile OS to date. It requires sidelining their biggest cash cow, their desktop OS.

Did Norway actually pass a ban with a date of 2025? Your linked article is from 2016 and says, "Yet there is some denial from other right-wing representatives that the move has been confirmed."

No, there is no ban passed, it was only sensationalist reporting. Here is a follow-up official press release from the ruling Conservative party which explicitly denies that there is a ban, and states there is only agreement between the parties that this is the goal. (Google Translate is pretty crappy at Norwegian.)


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