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Adobe AIR now Available for Android (adobe.com)
30 points by samiq 2663 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

This is great news because I was sick of all my development tools being free and good.

I would venture a guess that this is to make more accessible the Android platform to existing ActionScript developers. I can't imagine many Android devs would pay thousands to buy and learn Adobe tools when they can build the same software with the tools they know.

Or not pay thousands and just compile for free using a handful of OS tools that work just as good, perhaps even better. (ie: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/)

I don't think Adobe's Builder [tool] is free?

No the flex builder isn't free. But the flex sdk is opensource

Flex SDK is open source. You can find it on that page.

The day "Adobe Air" installed itself on my pc without permission was the day I turned away from Adobe.

While I have no doubt it sneaked its way in though some means you weren't expecting, I've never seen air install automatically. It often is shoehorned in though flash, but there are numerous prompts about what it's about to do.

It installs itself together with "Adobe Reader 9" with NO option for exclusion ("... to leverage A.Air"). You can deinstall it separatly after installation.

It doesn't, though. I just installed Adobe Reader 9 and it clearly asked me about Air. These FUD statements don't deserve any respect.

It's a bit argumentative to assume it's FUD and not an honest mistake or a change in the Adobe Reader 9 installation process.

In this case maybe.

Adobe, just like any entity, deserves a true projection.

If I sat on HN bashing Adobe I'd have much higher karma. Good thing I'm not here for karma.

Okay, my experience comes from an installation in August 2010. Appreciate the update.

TIL what TIL stands for :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Til

I just installed Adobe Reader 9 on XP and it didn't install AIR.

Does android support hardware acceleration? And is it enabled by most phones?

Air is not really worth it without hw accel. IMO.

If i am seeing it correctly. It's probably not that snappy, looking at the RunningMap app he demo-ed?

This is a big deal, if Google improve Android Store as well then new Android - AIR apps can be a new era for Android.

I think this would be a bigger deal if AIR was made available on Blackberry QNX, Windows 7 Phone and WebOS as well.

I'm not sure that most desktop AIR apps will translate nicely to the mobile experience at first, nor will you see a lot of nice ports of desktop AIR apps for some time.

Having AIR across all the major mobile OS's (except Apple's) would make it quite compelling as a mobile development platform, though.

I got a mail from Adobe today as a part of the prerelease program. They'll soon have a private beta of Adobe air for iPhone and qnx for select developers (those who impress them with good apps for air for android, which will be shown at MAX 2010).

Adobe Air IS available on RIM's tablet http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flash/blackberrytabos/

That's the obvious plan isn't it? Sure iPhone won't be in the list but that's because of Apple not Adobe.

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