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If Tesla goes private, that is the end for the shorts - there is no "after" after that. Everyone who shorted will have to pay back their shares at $420 a share (or whatever the final price ends up being).

That if is a big if. Tesla is currently trading $40 under their supposed acquisition price. That's not exactly high confidence from the market that this deal will go through.

that is because nothing has been finalized. it can easily get there just based on market momentum. Tesla gained $70 in a week. another 40 is not that hard

Wall Street loves free money. The stock was trading at $360 before this proposal was announced, and only moved a third of the way to the purchase price on the news. That's not implying investor confidence that this will happen. Otherwise, plenty of people would be willing to load up on the stock on the assurance it would be bought at $420.

yes, not to mention it can still go to 420 without being bought out, by virtue of market momentum and a bidding war

sure, if tesla goes private

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