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> to announce news of this magnitude.

Only if he's announcing news, which he likely is not. The method itself makes it feel more like a muse and less like an announcement.


Well, everyone seems to be taking him seriously...

The founder and largest individual shareholder of a corporation announcing that they're considering taking the company private is definitely news.

Small nitpick, he's the CEO, but not the founder. Tesla loves to forget telling this part of the story, but it was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. Elon invested the next year, but didn't become CEO until 2008.

Remember when he said he was gone start digging tunnels.

Remember when he said the will but 'baseball glove' on a bot and try to catch the fairing.

Or when he said they were gone sell flamethrowers

Ignore this twitter account at your peril

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