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...and on the very first question this site makes the classic mistake of calling 2010's brostep scene (in this case, Pendulum) "dubstep".

Dubstep is a 00s dark and slow genre, unlistenable without frequencies below 150 Hz, from classic labels like Deep Medi Musik, Hyperdub, Tectonic, Tempa and others. Skrillex, Pendulum (which, btw, are more drum and bass influenced), Knife Party and other, mostly american, loud EDM artists have evolved from original dubstep, but have a very different sound.

I'm not trying to be elitist, and I don't think that one kind of music can be objectively better than other (only in my own personal view, which is of no consequence to other people). But calling two very different things with one word is just bad for communication.

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