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Be that as it may, I've never found something comparable in terms of rapid music discovery and segmentation. I'd pay money for a version that (crucially:) works as well and is regularly updated.

Checkout Musicmap[0], very extensive with history and playlists for each genre. Bit on the heavy side on cpu usage but by far the best one I've found so far.


This isn't what you want in terms of dynamic content, but I wanted to bring it into the conversation just because of the breadth of segmentation -- http://everynoise.com/engenremap.html

Thanks, very cool.

The instaplay samples from somewhere in the middle of a representative song are what makes this work so well, I think.

It's striking how different it feels compared to MusicMap from the sibling post (which is also neat): MusicMap plays the entire song from the start, so it takes a while for each song to get going. The YouTube embed also takes a second or two to initialise.

Every Noise at Once, on the other hand, gives you a fairly good idea what a genre or artist is a about the moment you click the link. Very similar to Ishkur's Guide in that regard!

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