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This is great, and educational too! After playing quite a few rounds, I noticed I wasn't played any of the more esoteric categories such as '(free)tek(k)no' and 'french house' — seemed to most commonly fall on the bigger categories. Perhaps this is to be representative of the music landscape, but I fear that people won't hear enough of the lesser categories in order to learn from them.

I had fun, but one small criticism would be to speed up the time between rounds. The music quiz on the original iPod was a favourite time-waster of mine as a kid, and that was so addictive because it was quick to move to the next song.

Finally, if anyone is interested in a video walkthrough to the different electronic genres, this video helped me out immensely a couple of years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4r0MdBQI6U

Yeah, I noticed that most of the songs were coming from the more common genres. Maybe the game is sampling the song first, and then three other genres to go in the buttons, which would cause this. Sampling four genres and then picking a song from one of them would lead to a more diverse offering.

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