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I sell on Amazon and a huge issue I see is that my items frequently get their Alexa keyword changed.

This is partly because I am not a leader in my niche, but it is frustrating because I cannot advertise the fact that you can order through Alexa. (My guess is the ROI would be negative, but it's something I want to test)

This leads me to believe that you could say "Alexa, order diapers" today, and again 3 weeks from now, and get completely different brands, sizes, etc.

I can't believe that someone would just trust Alexa to order 'diapers', at the very least you'd specify the brand and the size, "Alexa order pampers for a 10 kilo child".

Someone else mentioned USB cables and I don't think I would trust even that to Alexa. "Alexa. Order me the cheapest 1.5m USB cables which isn't of questionable quality, but keep it below $5."

Here again I think brand is important, you order things without looking when you have confidence in the quality.

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